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2017 Julian Cider Run, Sponsored by Julian Apple Lane Orchards

Take a Ride, Eat Great Food, Change the Life of a Troubled Kid!

2017 julian cider run 2017

Are you a biker? Do you know a biker? Close your eyes and dream for a moment. Imagine you could ride your motorcycle with a group of friends to an amazingly beautiful country destination—a once in a lifetime experience–have a great meal at an incredible price, and enjoy the friendship and fellowship of hundreds of other bikers. Welcome to the 2017 Julian Cider Run.

julian cider run 2017


  • Don’t stop yet—now imagine this! You completely change the life of an at-risk troubled kid.
  • Imagine you help a child who can’t even read a sentence much less a paragraph or book to learn and experience the joy of reading for the first time.
  • Help a child who doesn’t know how to control their emotions and especially their temper to get real tools for coping with stress.
  • Help a child to express their frustration to one-on-one teachers who can respond with individualized instruction.
  • Help a child avoid gang appeal and the entrapment of a thug’s life.
  • Help a child who learns different from the norm to receive instruction that is different from the norm–instruction that works!

julian cider run 2017By joining this 2017 Julian Cider Run—you will have a very good time—but more importantly—you will literally change the life of many many students at the Aseltine School located in Normal Heights in San Diego County. Now isn’t THAT something to get very excited about. 100% of the proceeds from our fundraisers support Aseltine School’s innovative work with students who do not learn like other children. Fundraising events provide a great source of revenue for Aseltine students while giving our guests a great time.

julian cider run 2017

The Julian Cider Run, 2017 Schedule of Events –

  • 9:00 AM Riders Arrive and Register at Sweetwater Harley Davidson–3201 Hoover Ave , National City, CA 91950
  • 9:00 to 10:30 AM Julian Cider Fun Run Registration.
  • 9:00 to 10:00 AM Full Breakfast hosted by Final Option M.C.
  • 10:30 AM Kickstands Up Drive from Sweetwater Harley to . . . Julian Beautiful Country Home of volunteer Aseltine Angels, Kieth and Priscilla Webb, 3663 Highway 78, Julian, CA 92036.
  • 12:30 Until Finished. PM Barbecued Beef, BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Salads, Beans, Apple Pie a’ la mode, Hard and Soft Apple Cider.
  • Opportunity Drawings with FABULOUS prizes Prize Giveaways-Disneyland Park tickets!
  • Live Music with Special Guests Roni Lee Group
  • All Bikes welcome–Non Riders $20: Please contact Aviva Idell or Lisa Lewis @ 619 296 2135 or email julianciderrun@aseltine.org

2017 Julian Fun Run Ticket Reservation

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